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Jerk - A New Craze

Articles have recently appeared in major publications extolling the delights of Jerk seasoning and how its flavors are enhancing the restaurant  cuisines in New York, San Francisco, New Orleans and other trendy locales. But beware, for Jerk is not what it seems.

It is not a dry seasoning in a bottle to be shaken over meats or added to sauces. Authentic jerk seasoning is prepared as a “rub” which is then used to create a Jerk marinade, a Jerk Mayo, or to season meats for cooking.

A “rub” is created by grinding up yellow and green onions along with Scotch Bonnet Habanera peppers and adding various spices according to your taste.

At the Crow’s Nest restaurant in Grand Cayman, Jane and John would buy a rub created and tubbed in Jamaica. You can buy this rub in specialty stores or over the internet. When we created Jamin House Café, we decided to create our own rub and spent weeks experimenting with the spices to achieve the flavor we desired. It has not changed in ten years. Jerk Rub and marinade are to a Caribbean restaurant  what a pasta sauce is to an Italian one. The variations are endless but the final result reflects the taste and character of the kitchen.

But what is Jerk?

To this day you can go in “country” in Jamaica to places like Boston Beach and Mandeville and find the small jerk huts where oil drums have been cut in half and filled with Pimento wood which is continually fired for the cooking of pork and chicken.  Ask the Jamaican standing in the smoky hut behind the drum for a serving of pork and he will “jerk” a piece off of a larger cut on the grill. That is from where the term is derived.

The berry of the Pimento tree is called Allspice which is the predominant flavor of Jerk. The Scotch Bonnet pepper, a variety of the Habanera with a distinctive flavor, is indigenous to Jamaica, and is the definitive spice of authentic Jerk. Since there is still little affordable refrigeration available in rural Jamaica, pork and chicken  are preserved in a vinegar/soy sauce based marinade which we also use on our meats. Our chicken and pork are refrigerated in a jerk marinade for several days before cooking and our ribs are preserved in the marinade after cooking.


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Both our Jerk Mayo and Jerk Sauce are packaged with our “Jamin Jerky” logo. Our happy-faced tropical blue fish wearing a Stetson hat has been with us since our first days and reflects the atmosphere and attitude of Jamin House Café.

 We are very excited about the quality and multiple applications of these “Go Texas” products.


Jerk Mayo

Our Jerk Mayo is truly a melding of two cultures, taking the aromatic spices of Jamaican Jerk Rub and combining them with traditional American Mayonnaise. The result is a condiment that can be used to spice up a sandwich, burger or salad or as a sauce to enhance grilled, fried or smoked seafood. At Jamin House Café we serve our Jerk Mayo with Grilled Salmon, Mahi Mahi and Amberjack, as well as our Fried Oysters and Calamari. We also serve it as a spread on buns for our Jerk Chicken Sandwich, Burgers and Steak Sandwich. It is a simple way to instantly transform an ordinary taste to one reflective of the spice and flavor of the Caribbean.

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Jerk Sauce

Our Jerk Sauce is a labor of love. In our first year we created our own Jerk Rub by blending imported Jamaican Scotch Bonnet Peppers, Allspice, Thyme and other herbs and spices  with onions to the tastes of our Chef. We combined this Rub with Red Wine Vinegar and Soya Sauce to produce a product perfect for marinating chicken, ribs and pork or as a sauce to compliment grilled steaks and chops. I personally use it on a variety of salads to spice up the dressing with a Caribbean flavor.

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