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 December, 1996

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What is This?


Over the past three years, we have built our business primarily through the recommendations of our customers. We have utilized the media for advertising special events  but continue to rely on our customers to spread the word. It keeps us on our toes and, hopefully responsive to their needs. We believe that those who have taken the time to complete the member cards at the table, are those who provide our support.

We hope to use the Jamin House Club and this newsletter to:

Promote special Events -  As many of you know, we are planning to move to a new location on the lake, hopefully by  the summer of next year. Prior to opening we will have a special party for our members to celebrate the move. Prior to that time, we are planning to have special dinners for Christmas, New Year's Day, Valentine's Day and Mother's Day.

Support our Kids - The Jamin Kids are important to us. Apart form a special menu and amusements to make their time in the restaurant more enjoyable and yours), we want to encourage support of local organizations providing assistance to kids in need, especially those suffering from medical misfortune or abuse.

Provide Caribbean News - Almost every day we receive questions about the Caribbean in general and the Cayman Islands in particular. We have lived over ten years in the Caribbean and have visited almost every island and want to provide you with information to make your vacation there more enjoyable.

Provide Jamin House News: In response to our customers tastes, we are on our ninth menu revision in three years. The "Jumbo Beef Patties" and "Stamp & Go" have disappeared but our menu has expanded ten-fold. We have also tempered our food considerably to accent the flavor of the Caribbean and not the heat. We will continue to add to our menu and provide new daily specials for your enjoyment.

Support our Community - This newsletter is sent to all of our customers and is available in the restaurant. We want to provide free space to advertise charitable and non-profit events. In addition we provide free space in our entryway for similar advertising.



   Lend a Helping Fin


To Provide support to the Children's Advocacy Center in Burnet, we have initiated the "Lend A Helping Fin" program at the restaurant. A special container is at the front desk for donations to this cause.

The Center is dedicated to reducing trauma to child victims and their families. In its four years of operation, the number of reported child abuse cases has doubled every year with the majority being sexual abuse cases and 75% of the kids were under 10 years old. You can support the center directly at:

Hill Country Children's Advocacy Center

1001 Buchanan Drive, Suite # 2

Burnet, TX 78611



Santa Claus

Is Coming to Jamin


On Saturday, December 21 we will be having our second annual Christmas party for kids and parents in the local foster care programs. Free pizza and drinks are provided for the guests and Santa will distribute gifts donated by Jamin house and its customers. If you would like to donate a gift or know of kids who could benefit from the party, please let Jane know. Or just drop by and give them a hand.





Tis The Season

Close your eyes!

 Imagine bright, sunny skies.. cool winter breezes of 70 degrees, swaying coconut palms, bougainvillea trees, hibiscus, Lantana and Salamander  blooming and filling the air with their scent,. The warm turquoise waters are rougher than usual due to an incoming Nor'wester. A few natives are in sweaters and jeans  while  the tourists are lying on the beach in swim suits grasping for the sun. But for everyone, Christmas is in the air.

Santa won't be coming down any chimneys here because there aren't any, but he will be tracking a little sand on the floor. Time to kill the cow you've been feeding all year and have a good ole Cayman Christmas feast. Rake your sand gardens and hang your Christmas lights. T'is the season.

Open your eyes. You're in Marble Falls, Texas not the Caribbean. But you do have the Jamin House Cafe and we are celebrating Christmas. This is our favorite holiday and we're "decking "  our halls and decorating our tree and playing Christmas tunes. Bill is in the kitchen whipping up some hot and hearty winter soups and chowders, hot biscuits and gravy with Jamin Jerk sausage as well as other specials for the holiday season.

If you're wondering what to give that special someone, we do have gift certificates for whatever amount you want: $10, $20, $1,000 (just kidding).

We are also offering to our members  a 30% discount  on the $12.00 price for our   "We Be Jamin in Marble Falls"  T-Shirts.

We look forward to seeing and serving you this Christmas season and wish 'y'all" a wonderful holiday. We are thankful for your support and may  wish you and your families a Holiday filled with good food, good times and the spirit of Christmas



  Jane & Bill Allen



Holiday Schedule


Jamin House will be closed Christmas Day and Boxing Day (the day after Christmas), but will be offering special meals for Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve. We will also be serving our Sunday Brunch menu on New Year's Day.

Christmas Eve Special

 Egg Nog

Clam Chowder

Caesar Salad

Choice of Entree

served with mashed potatoes and fresh vegetables

Honey Roasted Ham

Roast Beef

Pecan Trout

 Coconut Cream Pie


New Years  Eve Special

 Champagne Cocktail

Black Eyed Peas

Cream of Mushroom Soup


Caesar Salad

Coconut Shrimp with Plum Sauce


Choice of Entree

served with mashed potatoes and fresh vegetables

Grilled Filet Mignon


Rack of Lamb


Caribbean Lobster


Grilled or Blackened Redfish


White Chocolate Cheese Cake


Fallen Chocolate Soufflé



Issue 1
Page 1

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