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Issue 4

Winter 1997
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Jamin House

at Tropical Hideaway?

On the Water at Last!

Yes, it's true. We were approached last month by the owners of Tropical Hideaway with an offer to take over the  operations of the restaurant, Tiki Bar and marina which are part of this resort complex. The owners had been frustrated by years of mismanagement and consequent losses and wanted a quality food service operation to complement the completely remodeled condominiums. It is in such a peaceful and beautiful setting, that it was very hard to resist. We were flattered by the offer but since Jane and I would do nothing to take away from the operation of Jamin House Cafe, we respectfully declined the offer.

The owners, however, then offered us a situation which will, hopefully, complement what we are trying to do in Marble Falls. In addition to the hiring of new professional property managers, the bar, restaurant and conference facilities have been completely remodeled to our specifications. During the winter, the facilities will be open only from 5:00pm to 9:00pm on Wednesday thru Saturday and Sunday for Brunch , to serve the local community as well as guests of the resort.

In March, the restaurant and bar will open for lunch and dinner and the Tiki Bar and Grill will open for dinner with access to the beach for our customers. During the summer, both facilities will be open for lunch and dinner.

The name of the new restaurant will be the Beachcomber, managed by Jamin House Cafe. The menu will feature fresh seafood, steaks, veal, roasts, Free-Range poultry and a variety of salads and homemade desserts. At the Beachcomber we will be presenting a new selection of food preparations, sauces and desserts, all of which will not necessarily be Caribbean in flavor or origin. Having lived in Texas for over 4 years now, and having an appreciation for local fare, Bill is inspired to do a whole new menu. It may not be spicy, but it certainly will be flavorful. And, as always, the portions will be generous.

The atmosphere will include soft music, fresh tablecloths and a view of the lake from every table. Jane has provided her special touches for your dining pleasure. Come give us a try!

The separate bar room has also been redecorated with a thatch bar, large screen TV, soft couches, coffee tables and a pool table. The "Karaoke" equipment has been connected to the large screen TV and will be available to our patrons.  

We will also be offering selections from our full menu for private parties and conferences. Both buffet and sit-down service will be provided.

The conference room facilities include seating for over 100 either in a teaching or dining environment with the audio visual equipment necessary for any business meeting.

As mentioned, each of the 66 rooms at Tropical Hideaway have been remodeled and refurnished with in-room mini-bars and coffee service. The exteriors have also been remodeled to offer a pleasant atmosphere for a getaway. Come and see it.

The new management has also agreed to establish room rates which are competitive with local hostelries and allows for our local customers as well as those from Austin, San Antonio, Houston, Dallas and elsewhere to spend an enjoyable few days in the Hill Country.

Why do this? Essentially it's because Jane and I are proud of the fact that more and more local people are coming to enjoy the type of food we serve and the manner in which it's prepared. More importantly, we have the opportunity to offer a menu selection different than the Caribbean Specialties offered at Jamin House Cafe.  We've learned a lot in the four years we've been in Marble Falls and want to continue to offer fresh food, prepared to our customers taste. Hopefully, this situation will allow us to provide a wider variety of foods in a different atmosphere.

 Look for the Grand Opening of Tropical Hideaway and Beachcomber Restaurant and pay us a visit for a tour of the premises along with a sampling of our food and beverages. And please, wish us luck.




Sunday Brunch Buffet


On December 8, 1997 we are expanding our Sunday brunch to include a Brunch Buffet at $6.95 (10:30 am to 3:00pm)

Our buffet will include:

  Hash Browns  Jerk Sausage  Ham  Bacon

  Scrambled Eggs  Flour Tortillas  Corn Tortillas  Toast

  Biscuits  Gravy  Tortilla Chips  Hollandaise Sauce

  Queso Sauce  Ranchero Sauce  Salsa  Jerk Pork

  Fresh Fruit  English Muffin  Juices  Milk

  And one of Bill's special lunch entrees


In addition, you can have our cook make to order any type of eggs, including omelettes, with the Pizza and Burger topping ingredients listed above. Some combinations are:

  Eggs Benedict, Poached eggs on ham and English Muffin with Hollandaise Sauce

  Huevos Con Queso, Poached eggs on ham and English Muffin with Queso Sauce

  Huevos Ranchero, Eggs with our Jamin Ranchero Sauce on corn tortillas

  Breakfast Taco, Flour tortillas filled with eggs, sausage, potatoes and cheese

  Migas, Eggs scrambled with cheese, sausage, onions, peppers and tostadas

  Texas Scramble, Eggs scrambled with ham and cheese

  Bajan Omelette, Eggs with Jerk Pork and cheese

  Western Omelette, Eggs with ham, cheese, onions and bell peppers

  Also we will prepare buttermilk pancakes or Belgian Waffles with whipped cream and strawberries, to order.

Our regular full menu is also available throughout the day, along with our lunch & dinner specials.

During this relaxing time, we will also feature Jerry Howard on the keyboards who will play gospel, easy listening or other music on request.



Christmas or

New Years Party

The facilities of Jamin Too!, the Jamin House patio and the Beachcomber at Tropical hideaway are available for your holiday party needs. We can provide a wide variety of menus, both sit-down and buffet, for your budget with no charge for the facilities. We can also arrange for entertainment if you desire but many of the acts are being booked so you need to make plans early. We do not "bid" on parties but can work with you to provide an enjoyable experience within your budget.



What's with the Water?

We have received many compliments on the quality of the water we serve both straight and in our tea. We owe our thanks to Rich Panning of Aqua Sun Water Treatment (693-5727) for providing the services which allow us to provide you clean, pure water.

Holiday Hours


Since Christmas falls on a Thursday this year, we will be closed December 24th and December 25th. We will, however, be open for New Years Eve and closed New Years Day. Reservations are suggested for New Years Eve as we will also be serving a special dinner.




Issue 4

Winter 1997
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