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Living and diving in the Cayman Islands for so many years you hear a lot about Belize for its Barrier Reef which runs from the southern tip of the Yucatan Peninsula south to Roatan and the other Bay Islands of Honduras. It is the second largest in the world next to the Great Barrier Reef of Australia. Its abundance of sea life and shallow waters provide for a great diving or snorkeling experience.

Thanks to Jody at Highland Lakes Travel, we visited Ambergris Caye, Belize this summer. Amergris (whale dung in Spanish ) is the northernmost of a chain of islands off the Caribbean coast of Belize and was, in fact, part of the Yucatan Peninsula until the Mayan Indians decided they didn’t like being killed any more and dug an enormous channel separating the new island from Mexico. The northern tip of the Barrier Reef is about 100 yards off shore.

We stayed at Banyan Bay Villas, a small resort south of San Pedro, the capital city, on the beach and within walking distance of town. Our accommodations included a two bedroom, air-conditioned suite with a kitchen and large balcony overlooking the beach and pool. There is a palapala on the beach where meals are prepared and served and musicians perform on certain nights. There is also a long pier and a dive shop.

We flew Continental from San Antonio directly to Belize City on the mainland and then transferred to a twin engine six passenger Cessna for a short flight to the island. Compared to other trips this was pleasant and without delays. The small plane landed on a grass strip in downtown San Pedro and we were met by a cab from the Villas. It was the off-season so everyone was happy to see a tourist, but considering that we found the people to be very friendly and courteous throughout our stay.


Football Anyone?

Our five TV's in the restaurant are hooked up to Direct TV by satellite as well as NTN. We receive all games played during the regular and post season. So come on by for dinner or appetizers and enjoy the game in a relaxed atmosphere. If the game you want is not on, just ask Damon. . We can also reserve tables around the large screen TV.

Need a quiet afternoon?

We serve straight though from lunch to dinner. Stop by for an afternoon snack or at 4:00 pm for our new Happy Hour that goes through 7:00 pm Monday through Friday. ). Watch the news, surf the net, play NTN, have a small meeting, read the paper, just relax or have a late lunch or early dinner. Our kitchen doesn't stop serving

Issue 8
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