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Issue 8
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A Work in Progress

Even though our menu, equipment, furnishings and key staff remained the same after the move, we quickly discovered that Jamin House Café was a completely new restaurant. We increased our seating from 180 to over 300; increased our staff from 22 to 55; created a whole new seating arrangement and waiting capacity and we experienced an influx of customers which we had not imagined. After four and a half months we are still working on:

  • Getting our "putka" ceiling fans to work.

  • Finishing our fountain, pond and eventual waterfall below the deck.

  • Completing the decoration and improvements on the deck.

  • Solving the problem of our neon sign on the side of the building which causes a buzzing in the sound system.

  • Fixing our roof which still leaks.

  • Completing the fencing around our dumpster

  • Going to a 7 day a week operation

  • Opening for breakfast

Most of the above relates to the extreme labor shortage in the Hill Country both in the service and construction industries. This was exacerbated by our opening in the busiest time of the year. We hope to have everything in place by the Christmas season. Soon come.

What Happened Mon?

Breakfast ... Opened for a week but our new chef didn’t understand that customers needed to be served. He’s history.

7 days a week ... We need trained staff and it takes time. We’re ready now. We will be open 7 days a week starting September, 2000.

Brunch ... It was too successful. We weren’t able to continue with the quality of the buffet. We will be building a special "Omelet Shack where, once again, you may get your eggs to order "Your Way"!

Boat Races

Despite the publicity, the boat races every year have not been one of our favorite events. The past few years it has been the slowest weekend of the summer, since most of our customers who are local residents, stay clear of Marble Falls and the attendant mayhem. Being on the lake for the first time, we didn’t know what to expect but we had a special for the day whereby you could have a seat on the deck for the day with parking along with access to the "Jamin Too! room and a buffet of salmon, roast beef, jerk pork, salad, rice & beans , mashed potatoes, roasted potatoes and carrot cake, all for $50.

Enjoying the races with radio commentary.

A birds eye view

Bacardi Rum had representaives in the bar both days handing out souvenirs and T-shirts and we were visited by the Miller girls on Sunday who did the same while entertaining the guys.

We shared security of the parking lot with the Hampton Inn and Chili’s and had attendant parking for our lot. Despite the rumors, we did not charge for parking unless you didn’t eat at Jamin House. During the whole weekend we had no cars towed nor were there any parking charges. It went quite well.

Issue 8
Page 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

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