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Grand Opening

On Tuesday, March 28, 2000 Jamin House Café held its Grand Opening at its new location in the Village on The Lake in Marble Falls. As a result of donations received at the door, approximately $9,480 was raised for the benefit of The Hill Country Advocacy Center and the Boys and Girls Club of the Highland Lakes. Over 2,000 people were served a buffet of Fiery Coconut Shrimp, Red Stripe Shrimp, Jerk Chicken & Ribs, Giant Calamari, Baked Salmon, Rice & Beans and Salad.

Music was provided by John Arthur Martinez, Mike Blakely, David Kaye and our friend Hobson Smith who drove all the way from Houston for the event.

Finally !

From an initial opening date of January 15, 2000 we finally opened at the new location. Marble Falls’ time and island time are now the same. "Soon come."

What really happened was that we mailed out invitations to our members in late February and issued a press release announcing the opening to ensure that the restaurant would finally be completed. Thanks to Tom Ryan and David Templeton, the building owners, the deadline was met. But not before:

  • The Bluebonnet Ladies met for their luncheon the week before and were showered with particles from the air conditioning vents since it was turned on for the first time 5 minutes before their luncheon.

  • The plumber disappeared and our final inspection was the day of the opening.

  • Our walk-in cooler was moved only to discover that the space in the plans was 14 inches off all the way around. A dormer was built in the roof and we lost a third of the cooler space.

  • The stain for our concrete floor was bought up by a builder in Houston, leaving us staining the floor the day before the Grand Opening.

  • PEC requiring the palm trees to be moved away from the electrical wires.

  • Our equipment vendor, inspired by our restaurant and the advance deposit we had given him, took a Caribbean cruise before the opening.

  • The air conditioning systems being set on residential not commercial use.

  • Ceiling fans going backwards, circuit breakers popping, lights not dimming, toilets not flushing, pumps not pumping, pipes leaking, shelves collapsing, doors not closing, drains not draining, carpenters in Mexico, electricians skiing in Colorado, paint spattering, egos straining… how will it ever get done.
  • Cooking fresh food for 2,000 without any idea who was going to show up.

  • Wondering why we left the Cayman Islands.

  • Wondering why we left that little strip mall.

  • Remembering why.

  • It was all worth it!


There are many people, without whom we would never have been able to open this restaurant, especially our staff headed by Damon Harris and Elizabeth Montoya. But during the last two weeks a special thanks should go to:

  • Ricky Toungate, owner of Air Rescue, who installed all of our air conditioning and refrigeration systems and went the extra mile to ensure our meeting the deadline.

  • John Cayce, owner of Agri Tek Landscaping & Irrigation, who designed and completed our landscaping in record time.

  • Ken Martin for all the help he has given us in many ways.

  • Don Isham and his crew of Isham Electric for the extra work and effort .

  • Grant St Claire for designing a beautiful structure for Marble Falls.

  • Don Smith for his artistic and practical skills.

  • Charles Smith, our Master carpenter.

  • Tom Ryan & David Templeton for believing in us enough to fund & watch over the project with T.L.C..

  • To all our customers & friends who supported our opening with exotic bouquets, gifts, pictures, plants & well wishes!

  • Rick Haley (Jah Junior) for coming to the rescue for our final decorations.

  • Shaun & Kaci Budnik(daughter & granddaughter) for flying in from Connecticut for moral support and fun.

  • Juanita Allen "Mom" to the Jamin House staff for coming from Florida to, once again, "get the show on the road."

  • Terry Miller, from Sysco, for helping with whatever needed to be done to get us open.

  • Wayne Neely for being Wayne Neely.

  • Ritchie Giescke for coming to the rescue by donating our new walk-in cooler.

  • Ken & the crew at KP Liquors for always being there when we needed them and lending us our own Jack Daniels barrel.


Issue 8
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