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Issue 8
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 part of Jamin House Cafe, a resturaunt serving Caribbean style food in Marble Falls, Texas

Our new bar seats fifty plus another 35 in the adjoining smoking section allowing for a nice sized party.

The amenities include the following:
  • A computer at the bar connected to the internet for managing your investments or surfing

  • Four 28’ TV’s in the bar and deck plus a large screen TV in smoking all connected to satellite and cable with VCR capabilities.

  • Direct access to the deck from the bar.

    Play now! NTN is up and running at Willy's Cool Spot at Jamin House Cafe,  a caribbean style restaurant in Marble Falls, Texas

    NTN is available on all TV’s in the bar and deck with five playing consoles available at the present. This is an interactive game found at major bars such as TG Fridays where you can play against others in the bar or against others in bars all across the nation. Games change every hour and include:

    • Abused News

    • Brain Buster

    • Countdown

    • Glory Daze

    • Nightride

    • Playback Music Trivia

    • Retroactive


    • Show Down

    • Sports IQ

    • Sports Trivia Challenge

    • Spotlight

Happy Hour
Beginning September 4, 2000, Happy Hour will be from 4:00 to 7:00 Monday thru Friday with $1.00 off well drinks and domestic beers.

During this time, we will be offering new happy hour snack food as well as our regular menu.


Call Dale Meyer at Top Notch Appliance for service. Dale takes care of our kitchen equipment and has been capable, reliable and reasonably priced. He can be reached at 693-1058.

Issue 8
Page 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

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