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Issue 8
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So you Want to Sail?

Yes John, about once a passage there is that perfect day when the winds are right, the sun high in the cloudless sky and you think yourself not insane for buying this boat.

We were returning from Cuba, on a starboard tack, close-hauled into a southeasterly wind . My friend Bob, a commodity broker (by definition crazy as a loon) and I were enjoying the day. My ketch could sail herself in this tack, so we decided to take a swim.

I had read about this trick in a sailing magazine. Hook the spinnaker boom ( 1 20 ft aluminum tube ) to the base of the main mast, run a sheet line from the top of the mast to the end of the boom. Run another sheet line from the top of the mast and hook to the bosun’s chair ( a covered board with canvas straps ), have your buddy at the winches and then sit in the chair, grab onto the boom and swing out over the water while your buddy lowers you into the water. Great fun!

I was in the water about two minutes, splashing away as the boat sailed along at six knots when I realized I wasn’t alone. Shark fins!! All around me. Holy %!*#. I yelled over to Bob to pull me up very quickly but he wasn’t on deck. I felt something on my leg. Where was Bob? Holy %!*#.

My dive training told me what was happening. Panic!! Deep breaths, but what the heck. Where was Bob? I grabbed the sheet line and with strength that only comes from panic, I pulled my self up, grabbed the boom and flung my legs out of the water to straddle the boom. There must have been 20 fins directly under me.

  I hung there for a moment, praying that the line would hold when Bob finally appeared out of the hatch. He waved with one hand while holding a camera in the other. "Great shot !", he yelled over the wind whistling in my ear. I frantically pointed to the water and the swirling fins and called him a few names worse than commodity broker before he realized what was going on. He took a few more pictures before finally hauling me in on the boom.

Once on deck, I took a few minutes to calm down before I killed Bob. "You left me alone with the sharks." I yelled ready to pounce.

"I thought you knew what you were doing." he laughed. "Besides they’re dolphins." He pointed to the pod of Bottlenose Dolphins now swimming and jumping beside the boat. I realized that all of my training in identifying sea life meant nothing when you were in the middle of the ocean with a bunch of fins. They all belong to sharks.

Since we were already rigged up, I had trustworthy Bob swing me back out over the water and lower me down. As soon as my feet skimmed the water, the dolphins swum on over and took turns rubbing their backs on the bottom of my feet. After a while, I was flat down, surfing along side these beautiful, graceful creatures.

Finally, I had Bob, who had taken several rolls of film, pull me up.

"Your turn," I offered, once on deck.

"Do I look stupid?" he replied, shaking his head.

It was then that I realized that if that sheet line had snapped while I was enjoying a "Bills Adventure" Bob, who didn’t know how to sail a Skedoo, would be like the Ancient Mariner, sailing the Caribbean until he ran into something, hopefully an island. I, of course, would have to continue swimming with my new-found friends until I met the same fate.

Another lesson learned.


Way To Go Kid!


STAMFORD, CT, July 31, 2000- Deloitte & Touche announced that Shaun L. Budnik has been admitted to the partnership of the firm. She joined the firm in 1998 and is located at the firm's Stamford office. Ms. Budnik specializes in the manufacturing and distribution sectors. Ms. Budnik is the daughter of Bill Allen, owner of Jamin House restaurant in Marble Falls, Texas. Deloitte & Touche, is one of the nation's leading professional services firms.


Chef’s Corner

A year ago, beef prices went through the roof and we finally had to make our price increases permanent. We tried a different quality beef but had too many complaints. Our Black Angus Premium Gold Rib-Eye is specially aged for Jamin House and our Top Choice Pismo tenderloin is the best on the market. Since last year, steak sales have risen to over 40% of our business, so it appears we made the right decision. Thank you.

Bill Allen

Issue 8
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